2019 Southwest Region 8-8 Flagship Competition

(Last updated 1/2/2019 and will continue to be updated as events get closer.)

Flagship is still scheduled for President’s Day Weekend (Feb. 16th – 18th)

Flagship will held at

Papago Military Reservation, Regional Training Institute (RTI)

Located at

5636 E. McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ

Access to the base through the main gate located on McDowell and Bushmaster Rd.

All staff and cadets must have their Naval Sea Cadet ID Card.

All family and spectators must have a valid picture ID to enter the facility.

All units are required to submit attendance rosters of all personnel attending (Staff, cadets and others if known) to the Regional Director for base security access no later than Monday 11 February 2019.

Cadets and staff from ALL Southwest 8-8 units are encouraged to attend and participate. 
This should be considered a standard monthly drill for local area Phoenix units.  Orders are required only for cadets and units that are staying in on site berthing.  On site berthing is reserved only for units and cadets that are not located in the Phoenix area. Cadets that live outside the Phoenix Area that require berthing for the weekend, please contact your Commanding Officer as soon as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements.  Local Phoenix Area cadets will need to transport to the site daily.

This training will be made available for signup via Magellan once posted. 

Look for code LR-AZ-1901 for NLCC cadets and code RX-AZ-1901 for NSCC Cadets. 

Contact your unit training officer for details.

There is no cost to attend this event. For anyone wishing to purchase a Flagship T-shirt for the event, order forms are available online at this link:


Purchased T-shirts will be issued at the event.

Click on the link below for the Standard Operating Manual for Flagship. It included all the latest information and descriptions of each event.  Questions regarding the rules and scoring of the events should be sent up the Chain of Command to the unit CO for review with the Flagship Committee.


Click here for the Flagship SOP

(Includes all events, rules and scoring)


Personal conduct and good sportsmanship are ongoing throughout these events and points will be awarded (or taken away) to units as they show the quality of their teamwork, spirit de corps, and individual behavior as needed.

Initial scheduling plan is to have Saturday as a travel day / practice day.  Uniform for the Day Saturday is NWU’s / CUU’s for all hands.  Phoenix area units will be allowed to come onsite to practice with equipment from 0800 – 1600 while distant units are travelling onsite.  Once onsite, travelling units will be allowed to practice the rest of the day and into the evening. Sunday will be a full day of competition.  Unit schedules will be provided upon check in on Saturday.  Phoenix Area Cadets will be dismissed on Saturday from the facility at 1600.



The actual competition will go from 0800 – 1700 on Sunday.  Local Cadets will be dismissed for liberty after 1700 daily.

A fun evening event is scheduled for Sunday evening until 2000.  All hands are invited to stay, but not required to attend. The awards will be announced that evening.

No activities are planned for Phoenix Area Cadets on Monday.  Travelling cadets will secure the facility and travel home that day.

Cadets MUST have a valid ID card in their possession to attend Flagship.  Cadets who have recently enrolled who have not yet received their ID Cards or do not have medical exams on file will unfortunately not be able to attend this event. 

UNIT STAFFS: Please make sure that everyone’s (adults too) medical history information is up to date before signing off on orders to attend.

We are still looking for staff and volunteers to assist with meal prep and event judging.  If you are interested, please let LCDR Turner know.

Additional information will be posted here as the event gets closer.

Here is an overhead view of the facility and where the events will be held.


There will be limited vehicle parking so that we can hold all the events.  For those who are driving, please park in the designated areas.

Here is where events will be held:

DFAC: Knowledge Bowl and Knot Tying

QUAD: Torpedo Drills and Drilldown

Grinder “A”:  Regulation Drill and Mine Layer

Grinder “B”:  Uniform Inspection and Line Heaving

Grinder “C”:  Color Guard and Semaphore

Grass WEST: Semaphore and Stretcher Carry

Grass EAST: Physical Fitness Events

·      For travelling cadets/staff – Make sure to bring either a sleeping bag or a set of single sized bed sheets and a blanket along with a pillow in your seabag.  A set of civilian attire is also recommended for the return trip home on Monday.